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The second book in the middle grade series 'Cross Ups' by Sylv Chiang
Anyone's Game - Book 2

What's up with Cali? Why does she keep changing her gamer tag?

It's summertime, and even though his good friend Cali moved to another city, Jaden still plays Cross Ups with her every day. But then he gets roped into a dorky summer camp with his buddy Hugh, and Cali starts acting really weird ... So when a last-minute tournament spot opens up in Cali's city, Jaden jumps at the chance to go.

Things go badly from the start. Jaden loses his controller on the train, and his reunion with Cali is awkward. She's unhappy, and Jaden can't figure out why. especially when she's getting better and better at Cross Ups and may even win the tournament.

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